Measuring Dogs For X-Back Harnesses

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Neck - Measure from just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone, then double this measurement. Work the tape under the fur, and pull it snug. Measure the dog, not the fur! Measure only one side of the dog then double the measurement. Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

Neck fit is critical. When properly fitted, you should be able to put one finger in the "Y" below the neck and hold the harness on the breastbone. At the same time put a finger in the "Y" at the top of the neck, that finger should be where the neck joins the withers. If in doubt about fit call us.

Tail Length - Start tape at top of breastbone. Pass under the chest and between front legs, then up around rib cage to base of tail. Lift tail to feel join.

Check fit of tail length by pulling on webbing to see of the webbing will come to the base of the tail. Webbing should not come to the base of the tail unless there is tension against it.